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Bridal Jewellery To Suit You and Your Wedding Style


The Wedding Dress

 So much of the focus of being a bride is on the dress. Of course it is hugely important and a dream come true for many. I remember being a bit disillusioned and overwhelmed by the whole process and only ended up visiting two bridal boutiques. In the end I went with the first dress I tried on (not that I tried on many). I got married before I was fully up and running as a jewellery designer maker but nonetheless wish I had put some of the funds that went on a dress into jewellery instead! It can be worn so many more times…

Antique Jewellery

 For obvious reasons, many brides choose to wear antique jewellery. Especially if they are lucky enough to have some handed down to them from a previous generation. Even many modern designs are influenced or based on antique aesthetics. For example, our Gemstone stud bangles and Pearl Circle ring are both based on Victorian designs.

Getting married is for many brides an opportunity to wear something more traditional and formal than they would normally wear so antique or vintage jewellery always works well for that. I personally love Art Deco and so went for some touches of that at my own wedding. 

Your engagement ring may also influence the style of jewellery who go for. 

Pearl Bridal Jewellery

Pearls have been the stone of choice for brides for generations. Historically, pearl jewellery was said to lead to a happy marriage. Worn to ward off tears on your wedding day and also a symbol of eternal love being one of the oldest known gemstones.  In the 16th century all but nobility were banned from wearing pearl jewellery and so even to this day they have a high perception of luxury and frequently still worn by Royalty on their own wedding days. Of course they are also a perfect match for the traditional white and cream bridal gown.

 Pearl Jewellery is far from old fashioned however and have over the last few years enjoyed a renewed spot in the limelight with more modern repositioning. Especially more irregular shaped pearls and more organic shapes such as rice pearls , drop pearls or Baroque pearls 

I personally think earrings are on of the best things to focus on and with hair often being "up" something that is more of a statement than you'd normally wear can be a really elegant choice. 

 I love pearls in all shapes and sizes.

Commissioning Bespoke Jewellery

 I am often asked by brides to create a piece of bespoke jewellery for them. Be that from scratch or reworking other jewellery they own or have been gifted. It truly is a pleasure to create a piece of bespoke jewellery for such a special event in someone’s life. I am happy to chat through any ideas you may have. Don't be intimated I'm here to help. Typically as part of the process I will ask to see images of what your dress is like so that we can think about the neckline and what works well. 

Bridal Jewellery Set

Many brides want jewellery that will all work together and so ready made "sets" are on offer. I will gladly help you put together a bespoke set that best works with your dress and any other items you may already have that you want to incorporate. Just get in touch! 

All of the items in our bridal jewellery category are designed to be complementary of one another.

Above all else, wear what you feel comfortable in. It’s important to still feel like you.

Of course anything goes these days and if you want something completely different that is your prerogative and one which should be embraced.

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