Product care

Some tips on how to look after your jewellery…

Many of the chains we use at Taylor Black are very delicate and so should be worn with care so they don’t break.

Fine chains can tangle easily so either hang them from something or wrap them round a piece of material or card – especially important if you take them on a journey! If you get any knots a pair of fine tweezers can really help.

It is advisable to remove jewellery before doing any exercise, showering, swimming, going to bed etc. Especially if it is gold plated. Perfume / cosmetics can also really affect jewellery.

Gold plated items will stay gold for varying amounts of time depending on how much they are worn and where e.g. rings will wear quicker than earrings. It is possible to re-do the plating (at a cost).

Silver tarnishes (loses its lustre!) when not worn for a period of time.  Just use a soft silver polishing cloth to bring the sparkle back or a silver dip.  To avoid it happening store away from air (so wrapped up).

Diamonds like grease so you can get their sparkle back using a mild detergent and soft toothbrush. Or invest in a small ultrasonic machine if you really want them to look their best.