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Recycled Gold Jewellery

As consumers become increasingly aware of both their environmental impact and the people in the world around them, the demand for more ethical jewellery has risen and continues to increase with time. As a result, many jewellers are taking steps towards offering more ethically-sourced and eco-friendly jewellery such as recycled gold. What is the point in mining for more gold when there is plenty already mined!

What is recycled gold?

Recycled gold can be acquired from any existing gold objects. As gold is a renewable resource, it can be melted down time and time again without losing any of its original value or quality. As the process of melting gold removes any impurities, once it is melted, the gold is in its absolute purest form, so when you are buying recycled gold, there is no difference in your gold product to if it was sourced from a gold mine.

Why buy recycled gold?

There are many reasons why you might buy recycled gold. Here a few of them below: 

  • Recycled gold is better for the environment as no gold mining is needed. Gold mining contributes to rising CO2 levels due to the huge and heavy machinery which eats up large quantities of fossil fuels. 
  • As the chemicals used in gold mining – cyanide and mercury - are potentially harmful, the process can be incredibly destructive for local communities and wildlife leading to air pollution and  poisoned drinking water.
  • Repurposing old possessions feels good! If you recycle an old piece of jewellery that you don’t wear rather than buying something new then it may cost less and you can also still enjoy the sentimental value of the new jewellery piece. 
  • Recycled gold is exactly the same quality and has exactly the same value as ‘dirty’ gold. 


Commission Bespoke Gold Jewellery 

If you have an old piece of gold jewellery that you no longer wear but would like to repurpose, we are very experienced at jewellery commissions here at Taylor Black. Simply bring your old jewellery into the shop in Tetbury, The Cotswolds or send it to us in the post. Philippa will meet or talk you through the whole process so you can decide whether you melt it down and use it again or use the credit to offset the price of any new pieces.

Taylor Black – Recycled Gold Jewellery Pieces

Here at Taylor Black, our ultimate aim is to use recycled gold wherever there is an option to. Hopefully that will be 100% in the future.

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