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Top tips for buying jewellery as a gift..

Buying jewellery as a gift can be overwhelming so I have written this quick overview to help. I know jewellery shops like mine can be intimidating for men especially but we are here to help and these are the points I tend to run through in the shop.

1. Budget.

This is often my first question and it's an important one to get out the way. The breadth in the price of jewellery even in my shop is huge. 

2. Metal colour.

Whilst some people wear a mix of metals there are others that are unwavering in their choice of one or another be that because of allergies or pure colour choice i.e. white metals (silver / white gold / platinum) or yellow gold. A few love red or rose gold but I find that a more unique choice. 

3. Rings.

Unless you know someone's ring size buying a ring can be tricky unless it's something that can be easily re-sized at a later date. Avoid gold plated rings for that reason and full eternity bands. 

4. Do they have their ears pierced?

Earrings are a great option for a gift but check whether the person has their ears pierced first. If they do, think about the style of earrings they wear such as studs, dangly / drop earrings or even hoop earrings. Of course diamond earrings are often viewed as the holy grail earring gift!

I offer an ear piercing service in store so an ear piercing voucher is an option too! These days many people have multiple piercings so prefer smaller studs so a few can be worn in the same ear.  I also sell earrings that can be bought and worn on their own such as Maria Tash hoops.

For piercing we use the Inverness System and there is plenty of choice for studs. 

5. Necklaces are an ideal gift. There is less to get wrong of course!  If you aren't sure go classic and simple. 

6. Colours.

Think about the sorts of colours that a person wears. For example if they are obsessed with green then get them jewellery that features green gemstones! 

Emerald studs

7. Birthstones.

Jewellery is often a meaningful gift so a birthstone is a great way to link to the recipient. 

8. If you really can't decide then get them a voucher. You could always make a shopping trip / event out of going to choose something together. 

9. Check out our return policy if you sadly get it wrong.


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